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Dr. Chuck Tillotson & Dr. Jan Nix

Functional biochemistry OR nutritional assessment is a system using applied kinesiology (muscle testing) to functionally evaluate nutritional problems within your body.  Applied kinesiology gives us a feedback mechanism to gauge nutritional deficiencies and toxicities within your body.  Your body is complicated and depends on a chain of chemical reactions and processes to create your energy, your hormones, and your neurotransmitters.  These hormones, neurotransmitters, and  processes in turn affect your mental and physical status, define your moods, store and retrieve memories, and run your digestive system, immune system, and reproductive systems.  Just about everything you do is affected.  Even sleep and blood pressure depend on your body chemistry.

Dr. Chuck and Dr. Jan have attended numerous nutritional seminars and classes that have laid the foundation of using applied kinesiology to determine which body systems are sub-optimal in function.  Using the tool of applied kinesiology enables the doctors to determine specific vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, herbs, and/or homeopathic remedies your body “chooses” to correct and balance your body’s chemistry and make it run smoothly.

Biochemical balance represents nutritional balance within the body.  Every body part, from the organ systems and individual organs, down to the very cells that make up the body, rely on proper chemical constituents to keep your body optimally running.  Although food is the ideal method of getting our nutrients, it must be remembered that our foods are grown on depleted soils.  This fact coupled with the fact that most American diets lack adequate vegetables, fruits, or fiber supports the need for supplementation.  To add more fuel to the fire, the excess consumption of refined carbohydrates and unhealthy fats places extreme stress on numerous body systems.  In particular, the various forms of refined sugar lower the immune system's function and interfere with the ability of the white blood cells to destroy unfriendly bacteria, and trans-fats and hydrogenated fats clog the circulatory system thereby straining our heart.  No doubt, good dietary habits are the foundation of good nutrition, but you need supplementation also.  Factors like pollution, stress, processing of foods, and food additives support this concept as well.  Our nutritional recommendations are determined by integrating information from your health history, exam findings, lab findings, and our detailed nutritional assessment using applied kinesiology testing.

Balanced health and nutrition is a key element in disease prevention and healthy aging.  Conventional medicine is generally concerned with the diagnosis of disease and rarely preventative in nature.  We focus on preventative and restorative nutrition to improve and optimize your health before disease sets in.  So, whether your concern is assisting your recovery from a compromised health situation or disease prevention, or simply improving your current health status, our goal is to optimize your health through functional biochemistry.