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Dr. Chuck Tillotson & Dr. Jan Nix

Saliva Hormone Testing is an accurate and simple way to assess the current levels of steroid hormones (estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, etc.)  in your body without having to make an expensive visit to a doctor's office and having the blood labs performed.  Many professionals believe saliva testing is the more accurate of the two types of testing.

Scientific literature for almost 30 years has documented the accuracy of saliva testing for steroid hormones. The World Health Organization (WHO) approved this method of testing in the 1990s when it was found to be an accurate, convenient, and noninvasive measurement of free hormone levels.

Hormone testing in a blood sample typically uses a single draw, whereas saliva typically utilizes four samples from different times of the day and is therefore considered more accurate.

Simply put, hormone saliva testing tells us the amount of hormones in our body that are actually usable by our cells, whereas blood testing evaluates all circulating hormones regardless of their availability to our cells.  Most importantly, anyone can do this easy test in the privacy of their own home at their convenience.

Follow these simple instructions:

  • Attain a kit from our office and collect saliva samples.
  • Mail the samples to the lab in the enclosed box and plastic envelope.
  • Your doctor should have your results in a week.