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Dr. Chuck Tillotson & Dr. Jan Nix

Chiropractic care has long been a choice for short term and long term health benefits among people who prefer alternative methods for managing musculoskeletal pain, treating injuries, and promoting overall wellness. At The Family Chiropractic Center, we believe in a whole body approach to health and wellness, with chiropractic adjustments at the foundation of care. Traditional medical care focuses on managing the symptoms of illness and injury by medicating pain. While prescription painkillers can provide temporary relief from pain, they cannot correct the underlying problems with the musculoskeletal system. When our spine is out of alignment, our entire body is at risk for injury, illness, fatigue and pain. The joints of our body thrive on proper and correct motion.  It is this motion, and proper alignment that allows the nervous system to function fully and relieve pain  that we are experiencing.   

We know that many of our patients initially visit us for relief of joint pain, back pain, neck pain, numbness, tingling, muscle stiffness, or other uncomfortable symptoms. As chiropractors, we focus on the spine, utilizing a chiropractic adjustments as our main therapy.  However, our office uses many techniques to provide a well-rounded treatment system with comprehensive options for care. By using applied kinesiology, soft tissue work and a series of chiropractic adjustments, we can develop a treatment plan that initially focuses on the short-term treatment of pain and discomfort.  Within just a few weeks of treatment, patients achieve a restored range of motion, less pain, and less muscle stiffness. In fact, it is not uncommon for patients to have little or no pain or symptoms within weeks of first visiting our office. 

In addition to the short- term health benefits of chiropractic care, there are also several long-term advantages available to patients who continue to undergo physical adjustments long after their pain has subsided.  Again, we are teachers and we teach you giving you the tools and the skills to help maintain your health outside the care we provide.  Techniques that improve motion in the joints and spine facilitate fluid exchange and spinal health preventing spinal degeneration.  Many patients are pleasantly surprised by there increased flexibility and pain free movement that they accepted as ageing. 

If you are struggling with chronic pain or slow healing following an injury, you need to take the correct steps to a different approach.  You deserve a health solution to your issue not long-term pain management.  This is what we strive to offer at The Family Chiropractic Center.