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Dr. Chuck Tillotson & Dr. Jan Nix

Phases of Care

Laying the foundation for total health
We take a wholistic approach to your chiropractic care.  Even if your pain is in your neck, shoulder, or the low back, we assess from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.  Dr. Nix and Dr. Tillotson are always going to begin with an assessment of your feet, knees, and pelvis because these are the foundation of your structural integrity.  This approach helps us to get you better faster.  Your body goes through 3 basic phases of care in order to repair itself correctly and fully.  

Phase 1 - Initial Intensive Phase: 

This phase often begins with the patient presenting for treatment in pain from a recent injury or a chronic condition. Since recent injuries and chronic conditions cause the spine to be out of balance and unstable, the spine often does not hold its corrective chiropractic adjustments well, necessitating more frequent visits during this phase. Symptoms ease quickly for some and more slowly for others. It is critical that patients keep their appointments and follow any lifestyle recommendations made by their Doctor of Chiropractic to obtain the relief, spinal balance and spinal stability necessary for proper healing to begin. Although no two conditions and patients are exactly alike, the typical adult patient will need 2-3 visits per week for approximately 2 weeks depending on a variety of factors. 

Phase 2: Corrective Care Phase: 
During this phase the patient’s pain may have completely disappeared and spinal stability is beginning to return, but healing is still incomplete.  Stopping care at this time would likely result in a quick relapse of symptoms. As this phase continues spinal stability and strength improve. Visits can now begin to decrease as home exercises and stretches are incorporated, to achieve lasting correction and spinal stability, resulting in improved quality of life and health. The visit frequency and length of this phase can differ, but the typical adult patient will begin this phase with 2 visits weekly and end with 1 visit weekly over a 1-3 month period of time. 

Phase 3: Wellness Phase: 
This phase begins when your spine has become stable and is handling the stresses of life better. This is when a patient continues to maintain a healthy lifestyle and their chiropractor recommends a routine of regular chiropractic spinal checkups and adjustments as necessary maintain a healthy spine and nervous system. 
Wellness care visit frequency depends on how severe the spinal imbalances were at the onset of care (i.e. disc problems, arthritis) and how much correction was possible. It also depends on the extent the patient has gotten involved with their health, after all, making better healthy lifestyle choices will yield better results in all 3 phases of care. 

The typical wellness patient will enjoy better health and quality of life by having their spine checked 1 to 2 times per month, unless a new injury or re-injury occurs. Every patient’s care plan and results will be different, just as a person’s history of injuries, health problems and lifestyles are different as we are all unique.   Getting more educated and involved your health, will achieve better and longer lasting results in less time. Restoring and maintaining your health and your family’s health is our purpose at The Family Chiropractic Center.   

At the Family Chiropractic Center, we are al about helping you get your life back to enjoy it to the fullest.